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What our users are saying about Contact Communications Logging...

CCL is an incredible product that maximizes the power of Exchanged based Outlook. It is easy to install and maintain and their support is timely and helpful. Microsoft should sell this product with Outlook!!
  Rolston Miller, IT/Systems Director
TCSSC, YRSSC, DRSSC (Toronto, Canada)
We have been using CCL for over a year now to help us make better use of Microsoft Exchange server and to help us track communication with our clients. With CCL we were able to setup central folders to track email, journal entries, and phone calls to each of our clients. It allows us to be in better compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and makes looking up information on our client communications simple and quick. Thanks CCL!
  Erik Bucker, Network Engineer
Internal Computer Services (Richmond, USA)
"CCL is a great program and we are very pleased with what it can do for our company."
"We really do mean what we say about the program. It's simple to setup, easy to use, and ideal for tracking all types of correspondence between our clients. Great job guys!"
  Nathan Gardiner, IT Support, Human Interface Technology Lab
University of Canterbury (New Zealand)

"I would highly recommend Leapbeyond's software. Frankly, I don't know how we survived without it.
We were able to create Public Folders with Contact information. Every e-mail, letter, document, appointment, note, etc. can be attached to the Contact. This is wonderful as anyone in the office can pull up a contact's name and see the correspondences that have gone on and assist that customer immediately."
"I would highly recommend this program."


Patti Metzger, President
Weddings on the Move, Inc. & On the Move Vacations
(Wisconsin, USA)


“…it seems to me that CCL is one of those elegant utilities you discover every now and again that do their job efficiently and well”


Greg Mackey, McKenzies IT Services Ltd.
(Oxford, Surrey, UK)

"We are very attached to our CCL - it's great."
  Sharon Voto, Vice President, Legend Technologies Inc.
(New York, USA)
"My company owns unlimited licenses for CCL and we have benefited greatly from using the program over the last year."
  Michael Abrahamson, Assistant VP, Brokers’ Service Marketing Group
(Providence, Rhode Island)
"...we are still absolutely pleased with CCL. Fine tool."
  Guido Muennix, kfm. Leitung / Mgr. Operations
macle GmbH (Germany)
"I have looked into OutlookCRM but I liked your system better for it seemed to just work and it made sense."
  Dean Biddle

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